Product Overview

National Transportation Data & Analytics Solution powered by IEEE and NPMRDS

IEEE has partnered with leading authorities in transportation and mobility data intelligence to provide time and speed data collected from across the U.S. National Highway System (NHS), and the full Traffic Message Channel (TMC) road segments network in the USA. This robust dataset brings several billions of speeds and travel time observations to the fingertips of researchers, enabling multidisciplinary applications for both academic and teaching purposes.

The National Transportation Data & Analytics Solution platform is equipped with state-of-the-art analytics tools allowing users to:

Icon: Advanced Analysis

Conduct advanced analysis, research, and performance generation using probe data

Icon: Analyze Traffic

Analyze traffic conditions across multiple stretches of road

Icon: Monetary Impact

Determine monetary impact of a delay on the roadway to its users

Icon: Evaluate Congestion

Evaluate the congestion health across roadways

Icon: Gain Insight

Gain insight into several statistics like speed, buffer time index, planning time index, and travel time index

Icon: Animated Maps

Create animated maps of performance metrics over time and visualize data on other interactive graphic tools

Supports a wide range of activities and goals for researchers and educators:

Advances academic research:

Systematic collection, analysis and reporting of data is the backbone of research, leading to innovation.

Supports research publishing:

The dataset is based entirely on actual reported vehicle data.

Supports robust statistical analysis:

The platform provides a wide range of descriptive statistics for speed and time performance metrics.

Enables machine learning applications:

Ground-truth data is a must-have for data scientists, engineers, and researchers to train algorithms and machine learning models.

IEEE NTDAS Sample Screen: Road Closures

Accelerates learning:

Detailed explanations of metrics, and attributes within the platform, along with easy-to-follow tutorials, a comprehensive help section.

Strengthens classroom teaching:

Engages learners and provides a hands-on understanding of an advanced analytics platform that is used every day for reporting and performance measurements by agencies.

Supports research writing and publication:

Users can quickly integrate state-of-the-art visualizations, images, and analytics.

Enables multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research:

Data and analytics can be used by an array of researchers addressing many problems.

IEEE NTDAS Sample Screen: Corridor Speed Bins

There is nothing like seeing the National Transportation Data & Analytics Solution in action.