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The National Transportation Data & Analytics Solution (NTDAS) is a powerful platform that provides a unique, robust, and high-quality transportation dataset combined with advanced analytics tools, enabling valuable insights to empower academic transportation research and instruction.

Take the road to advanced insights

NTDAS is an advanced analytics platform with deep-dive tools that provide powerful features and visualizations such as:

Icon: Monetary Impact

User Delay Cost Analysis: Determine monetary impact of a delay on the roadway to its users.

Icon: Animated Maps

Trend Maps: Create animated maps of performance metrics over the course of time.

Icon: Evaluate Congestion

Congestion Scan: Analyze conditions on one or more stretches of road.

Big data in transportation has a profound impact

With expansive coverage of over 400,000 road segments of the U.S. National Highway System, and the full Traffic Message Channel (TMC) network, this state-of-the-art platform provides field-observed travel time and speed data for both trucks and passenger vehicles collected from across the country. This unique analytics platform delivers billions of detailed observations directly to researchers. Enabling quick and easy retrieval, visualization and analyzation of critical transportation data, the results are safer, more efficient, and profitable transportation systems.

Enhance your academic transportation research

The relevance of NTDAS across multiple engineering and other domains makes it extremely valuable for the academic community. Researchers can systematically analyze the data, identify bottlenecks, strategize solutions, and advocate for improvements in existing processes.